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Poly Resin Suppliers - K Polymers, Inc.

Since 2000, Kelly Williams has been the owner and president of K Polymers, Inc. He has been in the poly resin suppliers industry for more than 20 years, with experience in recycling, compounding, brokering and distributing engineering plastic materials and commodity thermoplastic resins.

Kelly has established a strong poly resin supplier and customer base during the past 20 years based on excellent customer service and long term relationships in the plastics industry. He is committed to providing quality plastic materials with real cost savings for the customer.

K Polymers is headquartered in Peachtree City, GA. Sales offices are located in Miami, FL, Charlotte, NC and Evansville, IN. We currently buy & sell recycled plastic materials in the continental United States and internationally throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, South America, India, and Southeast Asia.

K Polymers' goal is to provide quality poly resin products, excellent customer service and cost savings to our customers. We are currently expanding our plastic materials operations to include acquisitions that compliment our brokerage and distribution business. This will include grinding, recycling and compounding; providing unsurpassed procurement opportunities for poly resin buyers and outstanding material flow solutions for our sellers.


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