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Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)

If properly processed, post chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) develops useful physical properties in addition to the inherent higher heat deflection temperature (HDT) compared with polyvinyl chloride. CPVC is a starting material for thermoplastic compounds for hot water pipes, and particularly pressure pipes, waste gas pipes, ducts, storage tanks, and other construction and industrial materials among other uses.

- Large quantities CPVC off grade pellets and powder
- Various textures and colors available for SALE now!

C&A Agricultural Film (LDPE)

C&A Agricultural Film also known as C&A Ag Film is typically black in color and used as a liner in farming applications. It’s usually referred to as LDPE Plastic Film Scrap with moisture and dirt debris.

LDPE Turf Scrap Yarn

LLDPE turf grass with Melt flow of 2.7. Contains UV protection and antistat added. Majority of material is baled and most is green in color, but some white, blue and orange available.


PET containing EBO 62 inhibitor that is used in orange juice bottles to keep bottles clear, Does not effect reprocessing or recycling - only effects color slightly - will be dirty clear that can be colored.


- Free pickup from your site!
- No landfill or fuel costs to burn or dispose of your waste!
- No cost to you!
- Large quantities available for SALE too!

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