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K Polymers, Inc
. is a full service plastic resin brokerage company for various engineering and commodity polymers
with warehousing capabilities throughout the Southeast and Midwest. We sell and buy polymers throughout the continental US, Canada, Mexico and South America.

Interested in joining the K Polymerís Sales Force? We are looking for self motivated experienced sales professionals to buy and sell recycled plastics throughout the United States and North America, South and Central America. High earnings potential and commission structure for the right person to join our team. Please, complete the contact us form. We look forward to speaking to you.

Plastic Resins Needed at K Polymers

Polymer Type Description Color Quantity  
PC/Polycarbonate Regrind/Pellets/Parts Injection/Extrusion Clear/Black Truckloads Sell
PC/ABS Regrind/Pellets/Parts Injection Natural & M/C Truckloads Sell
PBT Regrind/Pellets/Parts Filled/Unfilled Natural & M/C Truckloads Sell
Nylon 6 & 66 Regrind/Pellets/Parts Filled/Unfilled Natural & Black Truckloads Sell
ABS Regrind/Pellets/Parts Filled/Unfilled Natural & M/C Truckloads Sell
HDPE Crate Grade 6-8 Regrind 6-8 melt Unfilled M/C Regrind Truckloads Sell
LDPE & LLDPE Film Scrap Balled or Rolled Unfilled Natural, White & M/C Truckloads Sell
HIPS Regrind - Injection Garde Unfilled White 3-4 Truckloads per month West Coast Sell
LDPE - C&A Film Bailed w/drip tubing Dirty Black Truckloads Sell
Polylactic Acid
Regrind/Pellets/Parts Directly from producer’s plant Yellow Cast Truckloads Sell

Sell other plastic resins also. Please, contact us for more information.


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