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  C&A Agricultural Film (LDPE Polymer)  
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C&A Agricultural Film (LDPE)

C&A Ag Film

- Free pickup from your site!

- No landfill or fuel costs to burn or dispose of your waste!

- No cost to you!

C&A Agricultural Film (LDPE)

C&A Agricultural Film also known as C&A Ag Film is typically black in color and used as a liner in farming applications. It’s usually referred to as LDPE Plastic Film Scrap with moisture and dirt debris.


We can supply all kind of plastic scrap, and would like to look for new buyers in overseas/international market, and would like to make a long-term business relationship with new buyers.

LDPE Agriculture Film scrap:

- Large quantities available - ongoing monthly with truckload quantities available
- Bails are 2000 to 5000 lb bails out of Virginia & South Florida

LDPE Polymer - Application Use:

- Pipe
- Decking
- Low profile extrusion / sheet applications
- Low melt application for lawn edging

- Large quantities LDPE ag film available for SALE too!


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